Entry #1

Four words (well, technically five)

2007-08-24 03:42:33 by Johnny-Mac

"Mama's Boy: YouTube Syndication"

Yes, the animated mini-series that I've been running on newgrounds for the better part of two years will soon be making its way to other parts of the internet, primarily YouTube. In doing so, I'm hoping to broaden the demographic of my audience (because having to compete with Sonic, Mario, and whoever else is dominant on this site becomes a bit much sometimes) and have my work seen by a potentially older crowd.

So be sure to catch Joey Phillips and his family and friends being aired on YouTube starting in early September (alongside videos of people doing blogs from their basements and other people getting hit in the nuts with a baseball). And as always, be sure to check out my toons posted here on the wonderful newgrounds.com.......please?

-Johnny Mac


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2007-08-24 07:05:10



2008-04-14 03:12:22

you survived the War..... Gooo Johnny.


2008-07-10 13:57:42

Weren't you in Irac for some time?

Johnny-Mac responds:

Yes. Yes, I was.


2008-07-18 15:35:27

hows sandbox going, any release date on when u think ull get it done.

Johnny-Mac responds:

Probably this fall; I'm such a perfectionist and I've had to just shitcan some of the stuff I already had done because it was either outdated or I just didnt like it. I'll have something of it done soon though; in the meantime, enjoy my Evolution cartoon, which was originally going to be the intro to Sandbox...


2008-08-03 16:36:45

yay! another floridian!